Pixie Bonnet by Shara Lambeth Designs

SO I know its only March but I have been thinking about the Winter Magic Festival in June, a festival we have here in Katoomba to celebrate the Winter Solstice, we fill the street with stall’s and food and have a parade and everywhere you look there is either people dressed up or wearing something a little unusual, people wearing ever colour of the rainbow, funny hats you name it! this year I plan to take oodles of photo’s, ANYWAY I wanted to make something cute and kooky for Miss Mila to wear this year so I decided on this:


HOW CUTE IS IT!? the pattern is actually for newborn to 3 months but I am hoping I can figure out how to make it bigger (I haven’t actually read the pattern properly :p ). If I can work it out I might just think about selling them 😀 giving I am allowed to do so haha, I will take photos of my progress and leave you the link for the pattern 🙂

Shara Lambeth Designs



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